President Kevin McGlumphy 2022 Year End Letter

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Dear Members,

As I enter my last year as President of AMAP, I notice that the Association’s role and involvement in the asphalt industry has never been more relevant and important.  The entire industry has accelerated efforts aimed at sustainability objectives that include enhanced environmental stewardship and reduction of our overall carbon footprint, continued quality improvement in materials and performance testing, and greater economic value over our products’ entire life cycles.  In this rapidly changing environment, it is a strategic business imperative that our member companies be involved and that our sector of the industry be a large driver to a successful outcome in these efforts.  This new reality and the long-standing reputation of AMAP have earned our organization a seat at the table with the National Asphalt Paving Association (NAPA) and the Asphalt Institute as we continue to understand and develop together the path forward to a sustainable future for the paving, industrial, and roofing sectors of our asphalt industry.  

We have bolstered our commitment to roofing and industrial applications by including seats on our advisory committee thereby ensuring three-sector focus for all our association programs.  We also will add to our current agency committee by creating a subcommittee that will help connect us to the roofing and industrial segments of the asphalt business, along with a paving and contracting subcommittee that will help guide decisions that pertain to the road construction, pavement preservation, rehabilitation, and maintenance business segments.  Working side by side with our technical, marketing, membership, and other existing committees, we strongly feel this will provide AMAP with an organizational structure that provides abundant opportunities to learn, teach, mentor, and share top quality outcomes.  This will ultimately allow AMAP to advocate, brainstorm, and give back to our industries, as we continue to meet, network, and socialize with friends and colleagues all over the country and world.

Social, political, technological, scientific, and economic changes have created huge opportunities for AMAP to take the lead in many efforts that help educate end users on the benefits of modified asphalt products.  Change brings us new opportunities to help members, agencies, contractors, academia, and end users understand the value of asphalt in the larger picture of environmental, social, and engineering performance. Our member companies and representatives are recognized as being some of the top companies and professionals in our industry, and in the past two years I have become increasingly reliant on many of you when facing these new challenges and opportunities.  To your credit many have stepped up to help us grow and continue to succeed, and I thank you.

I'm proud of our successes over the last year, particularly in hosting a successful annual meeting, initiating a new committee structure, implementing chair training to enhance efficiency and output from committees, updating bylaws to reflect the 2022 landscape, creating a financially stable footprint, and implementing a training workshop along with the traditional annual meeting and workshop. 

AMAP has also been working with the Asphalt Institute to support their LCA/EPD process with expectations that the environmental impact data collected can effectively assist the National Asphalt Pavement Association in creating environmental documents that accurately show the value of asphalt when used in infrastructure projects.  By undertaking this important opportunity to collaborate with industry associations and experts, we as an association can continue to impact the future success of the industry.

While sincerely thanking all our members for your ever-increasing participation and enthusiasm, I'd like to give a special shout-out of appreciation to our Executive Committee and the Board of Directors for their tireless work on behalf of AMAP.

We look forward to seeing you all in March at our AMAP Workshop and in the fall at our Annual Meeting!

Thank you and Happy Holidays,

Kevin McGlumphy

AMAP – President.