March 2023 Committee Updates

Technical Committee

The AMAP Technical Committee has accomplished much in 2022.  Recently, we added some new members and now have 27 on the team.  These will be divided according to interest and talent to work on the various projects – including publishing a white paper on Modified Asphalt, updating the glossary on the AMAP website, publishing current real world modified asphalt results, beginning the LCA / EPD subcommittee, and several others. 

Communications Committee 

The AMAP Communications committee has been meeting regularly to engage with AMAP members and the public. AMAP has been active on social media, and currently has over 1,000 followers on Linkedin! Not following? Visit our page and follow us! 

The Communications Committee is happy to report that the AMAP Job Board has had over 16 jobs posted since it began, with the current number posted being five. Post your companies open jobs today! 

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee has been workling on many new tasks. One of these has been implementing the new dues structure for 2023.  The Membership Commitee has also been utlizing committee members’ contacts to: solicit new AMAP membership; regain memberships lost during COVID; expedite payment from outstanding memberships; and colloborate with the Communications Committee to update membership brochure.