About Us

The Association of Modified Asphalt Producers is dedicated to the development, production, and use of modified asphalts. The Association promotes technical research, education, production, and planning assistance. The Association welcomes members from research organizations, polymer production companies, asphalt production companies, contractors, and governmental agencies.

Mission Statement

The Association of Modified Asphalt Producers will promote the highest standards of quality and performance in modified asphalt products.

AMAP will inform and educate owners, contractors, and specifying agencies about the economic and performance benefits of modified asphalt binders and materials for improved pavement performance.

As an association we shall:

  • Be a consolidated voice on issues pertaining to modified asphalt that will grow the industry.
  • Encourage User-Producer agencies to adopt higher performance modified asphalt binders.
  • Evaluate without bias and communicate advancements in modified asphalt technologies.
  • Promote standardization of asphalt binder and material testing procedures.

Antitrust Statement

It is strict policy of the Association of Modified Asphalt Producers (AMAP) in all its meetings and activities to adhere to the objectives of the organization as outlined in its Mission Statement, and to permit no deviation there from. The policy is essential to avoid charges of conduct contrary to anti-trust laws. It is the policy of AMAP not to discuss, consider or debate asphalt prices, associate material or equipment prices, pricing practices and production costs, production targets, market divisions, the exclusion of competition or any other subject prohibited by anti-trust laws. If there are any violations of this policy, the offending member will be ruled out order and a record of minute made to this effect.