Officers & Board

Executive Officers

  • Tanya Nash
    Tanya Nash
    P.E. Director of Engineering Asphalt Testing Solutions and Engineering
    President, 2026
  • Trey Wurst
    Trey Wurst
    Vice President, 2026
  • Toni Newsome
    Toni Newsome
    PhD Modified Asphalt Innovation Leader Owens Corning Science and Technology LLC
    Secretary, 2026
  • Todd Hillard
    Todd Hillard
    Sr. Purchasing Manager Asphalt Materials Incorporated
    Treasurer, 2026

Board Members

  • Mike Matheny
    Mike Matheny
    Asphalt Binder Lab Manager
    Producer Member, 2024
  • Jon Pepyne
    Jon Pepyne
    All States Construction
    Producer Member, 2024
  • Anna Thibert
    Anna Thibert
    Flint Hills Resources
    Producer Member, 2026
  • Julie Geyer
    Julie Geyer
    Director of R&D The Garland Company Incorporated
    Producer Member, 2026
  • Michael Worden
    Michael Worden
    Technical Services Manager Associated Asphalt
    Producer Member, 2026
  • Brian Orr
    Brian Orr
    Technical Services and Support Manager BASF Corporation
    Supplier Member, 2026
  • Kevin Kempton
    Kevin Kempton
    Technical Service Manager Innophos
    Supplier Member, 2024
  • Mark Stewart
    Mark Stewart
    Senior Technical Service Specialist Hexpol Compounding
    Supplier Member, 2024
  • Jason Cox
    Jason Cox
    Director of Marketing D & H Equipment LTD
    Associate Member, 2024
  • Aaron Roy
    Aaron Roy
    Supplier Member, 2025
  • Andrew Ford
    Andrew Ford
    Technical Sales Manager Kraton Polymers LLC
    Supplier Member, 2026
  • Codrin Daranga
    Codrin Daranga
    Paragon Technical Services
    Associate Member, 2026
  • Gina Paroline
    Gina Paroline
    Anton Paar USA
    Associate Member, 2025
  • Kevin McGlumphy
    Kevin McGlumphy
    PE Director of Materials and Research Associated Asphalt
    AMAP Past President

Honorary Members

  • Bob Berkley
    Executive Director Emeritus and AMAP Member For Li
  • Rosalie Berkley
    AMAP Member for Life

AMAP Staff