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The Association of Modified Asphalt Producers (AMAP) was established nearly 25 years ago by a group of key industry personnel.  AMAP was formed to provide a marketing focus for information about the benefits of modified asphalt binders and paving systems. As an Association, we believe we offer our members a number of benefits that will contribute to the growth of their individual organizations while providing a better and more cost-effective transportation infrastructure through the advancing technology of modified binders.

AMAP strives to provide value to our members by:

  • Providing strength in numbers. AMAP’s goal is to provide a credible industry voice to inform and educate end-users about the features, functions, and benefits of modified asphalt binders.
  • Providing a clearinghouse of information relevant to the use and performance of modified asphalt binders that will allow for more informed systems choices.
  • Providing a network of industry leaders who can lend creditability and data
    in support of individual member efforts to provide modified binder options
    to skeptical end-users and specifying agencies.
  • Providing timely updates regarding legislative and technology changes at the federal and state level that may impact AMAP members.
  • Providing a unified voice in shaping legislation, policy, and technical protocols at the federal and state level as they relate to the use of modified asphalt binders and paving systems.

Please look around our site to learn more about our activities. Contact any of our officers if you have any questions about our organization.

To apply for AMAP membership, select your member type below and click the Join button to complete the online application.


Companies that manufacture, react, let-down or otherwise produce or sell modified asphalt products.

$2,500.00 Annually

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Companies that sell polymers, modifiers, additives or any product considered to enhance the properties and performance of asphalt.

$2,500.00 Annually

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Qualified companies provide services, software, plant and lab equipment, and other indirect materials to the asphalt industry. This category also includes firms that provide testing, formulation design, engineering and research. It also includes contractors and consultants.

$1000.00 Annually

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Associations & Institutions

Nonprofit state and national trade associations and academic institutions serving the interests and advancement of the Asphalt Industry.

$0.00 Annually

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International Affiliates

For Producers and Suppliers who do not do business in the US or Canada.

$1,250.00 Annually

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Friends of AMAP

Students, industry retirees, and others who have a non-commercial interest in the mission of the Association.

$100.00 Annually

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Government/DOT membership is for individuals and departments, agencies, and bureaus at the local, state, or federal level of government that are involved or interested in the modified asphalt industry. 

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Student membership is for undergrad, graduate, or post graduate student involved in a field of study that may relate to modified asphalt such as civil engineering and chemistry. Valid univeristy email and student ID is required.

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