December 2023 Committee Updates

Newsletters & Bulletins,

Advisory- Tanya Nash

The AMAP Advisory Committee had a productive in-person meeting during the Annual Conference in October, discussing topics from the three sub-committees, and gaining insights into the hot topics in roofing and paving industries as well as the agencies’ position or hurdles with these topics. Each subcommittee is actively working on needs statements to guide AMAP's efforts in addressing information gaps related to the use of modifiers and additives. The focus on these statements reflects a targeted effort to enhance understanding and effectiveness in employing modifiers and additives throughout the industry. The committee looks forward to a promising and fruitful 2024, focused on addressing the unique challenges within the roofing and paving sectors.

Communications- Trey Wurst

The AMAP Communications Committee had a great meeting at the annual conference in Jacksonville a
couple of months ago. Several goals were discussed as targets for 2024. We plan to advertise for the
educational workshop coming in March 2024. We also plan to showcase the content of the “History of
AMAP” conference session and new member testimonials in a few different formats for 2024, so stay
tuned for that. You will continue to see our AMAP content loaded onto our LinkedIn page, so please join
and direct your team members to the AMAP linkedIn page.
In addition, plan to see AMAP representatives at a number of different industry events this year as we
continue to partner with other industry organizations like NAPA and Asphalt Institute to build out our
Product Category Rules (PCR) development program.

Membership- Kevin Kempton

We welcomed two companies to the organization over the past two months: COPIAM Asphalt Solutions
and Construction Partner’s Inc. We’re looking forward to continuing to strengthen the value for our
members in 2024 to grow the organization. Happy Holidays!

Technical- Mark Stewart

The AMAP Technical Committee has accomplished much in 2022. Recently we added some new
members and now have 27 on the team. These will be divided according to interest and talent to work
on the various projects – including publishing a white paper on Modified Asphalt, updating the glossary
on the AMAP website, publishing current real world modified asphalt results, beginning the LCA / EPD
subcommittee, and several others. Thanks to all of the team members that have accomplished much
this year!