President Kevin McGlumphy 2023 Year End Letter

Posted By: Kevin McGlumphy

Dear Members,


The time has finally come for me to pen my last letter as president of this fine association.  I want to start by reiterating how humbling it has been to serve as your president for the last 2 terms and by thanking the board members, committee chairs, committee members, task force members for the hard work and dedication that has been put in to reforming and retooling the organization for future opportunity and growth.  Reflecting on my time, which started at the beginning of the COVID shutdown, the world, the industry, and our association, has seen changes take place at a pace that has been unprecedented.  Globally the geopolitical landscape has influenced supply chains, material availability, and social standards in many ways.  This has provided our industry with challenges but also has provided us with opportunity to grow and change to meet demand while continuing to provide quality products to end users.  In efforts to support these changes the association moved toward using our member’s skills and relationships to assist in promoting industry wide initiatives on technical, environmental, and social governance topics. 


The first and maybe most difficult and noticeable change was having Jim Sattler retire.  Replacing Jim was not an easy task and as in most instances, change is hard.  As stated at the recent annual meeting, Jim did great things for the association and grew the membership to almost 2 times the size in his tenure.  It was my pleasure to be the person who was able to hand Jim his lifetime achievement award and thank him for his contributions to AMAP.  The second endeavor that the board set out to accomplish was to edit the bylaws, bring them into current standing and remove things like faxes, in person voting, and other items that those of us with gray in our beards remember as being normal which are now not part of the “New Normal”.  While doing this the committee structure was streamlined and defined, ownership was assigned to board members, committee chairs were selected, and our committees began to thrive with new levels of volunteerism and efficiency.  Our Technical committee has thrived under Mark Stewart, AMAP person of the year award winner.  Our Education and Planning committees pulled off the first ever AMAP mid-year workshop in Virginia. Our Membership committee added almost 10% new membership while our Communications committee has set up a new website, which seems to be more functional for members, and has managed additional social media channels that promote the association and the industry.  Finally, yet importantly, our Advisory committee expanded to generate ideas from Paving, Agency, and Roofing partners and based on findings we have created a PCR Task Force to support NAPA and the Asphalt Institute’s efforts in creating industry wide tools for use in environmental stewardship goals.


In closing, I want to reiterate how grateful I am that you allowed me to serve on the board over the past decade culminating in my terms as president. I thank all the board members for their time and efforts over the past 4 years, and I thank each of you for your membership and for supporting AMAP.  I also look forward to continuing to support Tanya Nash, incoming President, during her term and to seeing all of you at our 2024 events.  Have a happy holiday season, enjoy some time with family and friends, and recharge the batteries for another productive and prosperous New Year!



Kevin McGlumphy

Outgoing President of AMAP