September 2023 Committee Updates

Advisory Committee

As we get closer to AMAP’s annual conference in October, the Paving and Agency subcommittees had their Q3 meetings with the Roofing subcommittee scheduled to meet on the Sept. 28th. Each of the groups continue to discuss the hot topics providing excellent context to similar problems. Sustainability and implementation efforts have been on the forefront of the conversation and discussing what that means to the industry and agencies alike. Assessing the needs of each group will allow AMAP to better help the flow of information to the necessary parties. The advisors have provided ideas on what they would like to see AMAP help with and how they view us as an organization. If you are interested in learning more details about the specific conversations and topics these subcommittees are discussing, please join our Committee Leads in our Advisory Committee meeting, at the Annual Conference. Keep an eye on the agenda for the time and place.

Technical Committee

Two new papers have been approved by the Board of Directors and posted to the AMAP website under Resources and Executive Summary. Mike Worden took the lead on the Use of RAP with Modified Asphalts and Swathi Theeda was the cohesive force bringing together the White Paper on Moisture Damage in Asphalt Pavements. The EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) task force, led by Bob Kluttz, continues joining forces with A.I. (Asphalt Institute) and NAPA– National Asphalt Pavement Association to advance this work. Anna Thibert’steam has a great panel presentation in store for the Annual Meeting in Jacksonville, FL with founding members of AMAP taking center stage. Come experience the history of AMAP with us!

Communications Committee

AMAP Communications Committee has several key initiatives underway through the end of the year. Currently, we are highlighting speakers on our LinkedIn page for our annual conference and workshop coming up October 17-19 at the Hyatt Regency Riverfront in Jacksonville, FL. Please plan to attend this meeting and check out the agenda on our website. Aside from the dynamic speaker lineup, there will be our annual election of new board members for you to participate in as well as numerous networking opportunities. If you would like to become more involved with AMAP, there are multiple AMAP committee meetings at the annual meeting with which you can get involved and join an AMAP committee.

Our AMAP team was busy in the third quarter with updates at the NAPA mid-year and Asphalt Institute summer meetings. Specifically, Bob Kluttz gave updates on AMAP’s ongoing additive product category rules (PCR) committee work. There will be numerous AMAP members attending this fall’s “User Producer Group (UPG)” meetings, eager to discuss AMAP with you. Look for our logo at your local UPG meeting this fall to find out more on AMAP’s goals for 2024.

We presently have the AMAP “Jobs Board” utilized by AMAP members to promote job openings under the resources tab of the AMAP website. Members can submit a job for posting by contacting us via email.

Membership Committee

As the annual show in Jacksonville approaches, we plan to showcase the value of the conference and
workshop to prospective members attending. Along with several whitepapers authored by the technical
committee, AMAP continues to tap into the growing membership to leverage the expertise of industry
professionals to increase value for our members. Additionally, AMAP will have representation at the
upcoming fall user/producer group meetings as well as other industry conferences. The membership
committee consists of myself, Jason Cox (D&H Equipment), Luis Torres Figueroa (Western Emulsions),
and Terry Hegner (Cook Chemical).

Five companies have joined AMAP during the third quarter of 2023: Wright Asphalt Products Company,
American Refining Group, Inc., Globalwax LLC, CL Asphalt Products, and StarChem USA. We look forward
to seeing everyone in Jacksonville next month! If you know of any prospect companies or contacts who
would be interested in joining AMAP, please refer them to me or any member of the membership