President Kevin McGlumphy Shares How 2022 Will Build From Change

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To our Members,

So long 2021 and welcome to 2022!  We are off to a great start we owe many of you a huge thank you for turning out in larger than expected numbers in Houston.  We were all happy to be face-to-face and seemingly enjoyed the trip.  As in any situation, there are things that need work to continue the improvement process but we are on solid footing as we head into 2023.  I thank you all for that and for the opportunity to be the President of such a great organization. 

In our last newsletter, I wrote about the doubts that 2021 presented.  In the letter, I mentioned how confident I was that the modified asphalt community would continue to provide a high level of service no matter what uncertainties life and the economy dealt us.  2021 proved to be a year of change on several fronts.  On a large scale, our members continued to manage challenges of the pandemic, worked through changes in the legislative and regulatory systems, battled through supply chain and logistics constraints, but even with new forms of disruption and uncertainty, the industry continued to create opportunities.  

As an association, 2022 presented opportunities to build from change:

  • AMAP changed back to in person meeting structures with a meeting that emphasized Sustainability with an emphasis on Environmental Social Governance topics.
  • Day one’s workshop changed back to two tracks with topics that will springboard new ideas while reinforcing foundational science.
  • Topics on safety, environmental stewardship, LCA analysis, and equal opportunity highlighted the remaining agenda. The focus was to change the way we position our products and businesses in today’s marketplace.
  • All of the topics centered on the industries efforts to utilize Modified Asphalts, to positively, change the quality of life for our customers and their end users.
  • Changes in leadership gave opportunity to celebrate our predecessors.
    • Al Meitl became a member of the Hall of Fame after stepping down from the board in 2021.
    • Jim Sattler was honored with several conversations during the awards luncheon.
  • Committees met on site and have strategic plans for implementation of work plans to impact positive change on the organization by instilling a new energy that is focused on implementation of strategic initiatives.

As we roll into the planning stages for 2023 it will not be without change, after all the one constant in life is change.  However, thanks to a strong foundation laid by our founding members, the renewed energy felt in Houston, and the sense of pride that our members continue to have in the value of modified asphalts, the future is bright.  Membership numbers are increasing, member participation is increasing, implementation of strategic initiatives is beginning to bear fruit, and outside associations and businesses are beginning to see how valuable AMAP is to the industry. 

Thank you all for the continued support and for your membership and guidance as we move into the future.


Kevin McGlumphy

AMAP President