September 2022 Committee Updates

Newsletters & Bulletins,

Executive Commitee

Since the last E-Brief the executive committee has been focused on the following topic:

  • Meeting locations and timing for the next few years of planning.
  • Partnership opportunities with Asphalt Institute as they develop their sustainability strategy for the liquid binder portion of the industry.  AMAP is looking to play a role in the efforts as the voice of the modifier and additive suppliers in this space.
  • Setting up plans for the build out of our Advisory Committees to ensure our customers (Agency, Roofing and Industrial Companies, and Paving Contractors) have a voice in the guidance of our strategy development.
  • Planning our next Board Meeting that will set the stage for 2023 Strategic Goals and Budgetary requirements.  

Events Committee 

AMAP has begun planning for the 2023 Educational Workshop! The event will be at the DoubleTree Hilton in Williamsburg, Virginia on March 14th-15th, so be sure to mark your calander. Keep your eyes out for registration, which will be opening in early November. 

Technical Committee

The Technical team had a great webinar on July 13, 2022 on Sustainability and it is available on the AMAP Youtube page. Here is the link to it:  We are busily contacting some of the AMAP founding members to gather information and put together a panel discussion for the Annual Conference.  Another team is drafting an executive summary of the benefits of Polymer Modified Asphalt, while the video team has put together the first video illustrating some PMA benefits.

Communications Committee 

The Communications Committee works closely with Ali Mostardo and our CM Services leadership team.
Our team assists Ali in making the quarterly “Modified Memo” and uses our LinkedIn group to promote
the AMAP updates from the memo on social media. One new addition to our website which is
highlighted in this quarter’s memo is the “AMAP Jobs Board” where member companies can post job
opportunities for all website users to view. We are also planning to have AMAP promos at the various
regional “User Producer Group” meetings this fall. Please find us at one of the UPG’s to discuss how you
can become more involved in AMAP.

Membership Committee 

The Membership Committee continues to try an identify new Companies/Individuals/Institutions that would be a valuable addition to the AMAP Organization. AMAP has added a few new companies since the newsletter, we’re excited to announce the addition of Soprema Inc. and International Tank Services. The committee and the entire Board of Directors continues to examine more diversified member classifications, proration of dues and partnering with other Asphalt related organizations to attract new members. If you know an organization interested in joining AMAP please have them reach out to me or any of the AMAP Membership Committee or Board members.