Organization Overview

D&H specializes in asphalt rubber and polymer modified asphalt blenders, tanks, heaters, and controls. We are a family-owned business that began from a Texas paving company recognizing the need for reliable and durable equipment. As a custom manufacturer, we build our own proprietary equipment in our Blanco, TX fabrication facility.
Jason Cox
Jason Cox Director of Marketing
Andy Cox
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Market Segment
Process Equipment: Producer/Supplier
Products and Services Offered: Asphalt
Polymer Modified Asphalt, Roofing Asphalt, Emulsified Asphalt, Crack Sealants, Ground Tire Rubber Binders, Other
Products and Services Offered: Process Equipment
Plant Heaters, High Shear Mills, Tanks, Emulsion Tanks, Other
Additional Process Equipment Products
Asphalt Blending Plants, Polymer Concentrate Tanks, Reaction Tanks, Booster Heaters, Pump Skids
Products and Services Offered: Lab and Consulting Services
PMA Plant Design
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Jason Cox
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Director of Marketing
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