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Established 1922, Anton Paar develops, produces and distributes highly accurate laboratory instruments and process measuring systems.
The Anton Paar Dynamic Shear Rheometer "MCR 102 Smartpave" is the standard DSR instrument for most U.S. asphalt labs. Other instruments include Flashpoint tester, Viscometer and Ductility measurement systems.
Gina Paroline
Gina Paroline
Andres Posada
Dave Crowther
Katie Caten
Norbert Ponweiser Director Sales & Marketing - Rheology
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Products and Services Offered: Lab Equipment
Dynamic Shear Rheometers, Viscometers, Softening Point Apparatus, Ductilometers, Penetrometers, Other
Additional Lab Equipment Products
Density Meter, Open Cup Flash Point Tester, Closed Cup Flash Point Tester
Products and Services Offered: Process Equipment
Additional Process Equipment Products
In-line Density Meter, In-line Viscometer
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Gina Paroline
Technical Contact Job Title
Sales Manager
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Technical Contact Phone
713 357 6346 559
Sales Contact Name
Norbert Ponweiser
Sales Contact Title
Director Sales & Marketing - Rheology
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Sales Contact Phone
804 550 1051