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Western Research Institute (WRI), located in Laramie, Wyoming, USA, is a not-for-profit affiliate of the University of Wyoming. It is a research organization renowned for work in advanced energy systems, environmental technologies, asphalt materials, and problematic oil research.
WRI’s Asphalt and Petroleum Technologies (APT) group conducts asphalt materials, particularly bitumen binders, and petroleum products (crude oils in particular) property research for public and private clients. The asphalt materials research seeks to correlate the chemical and physical properties of asphalt binders and additives to their performance in pavements, roofing materials, and other applications. APT helps the asphalt industry as a whole, suppliers/producers design, develop and produce the right asphalt materials so that transportation departments get these right materials in the road and preserve existing pavements, leading to cost savings, environmental benefits, and worker and user safety.
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Products and Services Offered: Lab and Consulting Services
Product Development, Pavement Preservation, New Business Development, Instrumentation, Other
Additional Lab and Consulting Services Products
Advanced characterization of asphalt, polymers, additives and any combination of the above
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Joe Rovani
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(307) 721-2275
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Asphalt & Petroleum Technologies - Lead scientist - Resource manager
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Jean-Pascal Planche Planche
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VP Aasphalt and Petroleum Technologies
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