Organization Overview

Kokosing Materials, Inc. produces high quality asphalt products and services. Our employees are committed to providing every customer with the best service in the industry. Whether you are a local municipality, state or a general contractor, we are here to help you fulfill your asphalt product needs by providing hot mix, warm mix and/or cold patch. We also provide custom designs and testing services to meet any customer requirements. KMI invests heavily in all of our asphalt plants to assure they operate safely, cleanly and efficiently meeting all environmental and safety standards.
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Market Segment
Asphalt: Producer/Modifier/Supplier
Products and Services Offered: Asphalt
Polymer Modified Asphalt, Hot Mix Asphalt, Warm Mix Asphalt, Cold Mix Asphalt, Ground Tire Rubber Binders
Additional Asphalt Products
Asphalt Binder
Technical Contact Name
Mike Matheny
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Asphalt Binder Lab Manager
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Lee Schloss
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Brian Strong
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Q.C. Manager
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